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    It was originally designed to encourage international energy investment but a number of countries have faced costly legal challenges over reducing their reliance on fossil fuels and boosting renewables.

    The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero said efforts to modernise the treaty to better support cleaner technologies had led to stalemate among European countries.

    “Remaining a member would not support our transition to cleaner, cheaper energy, and could even penalise us for our world-leading efforts to deliver net zero.

    Shaun Spiers, the executive director of environmental thinktank Green Alliance, said: “Civil society organisations and parliamentarians from all political parties have been clear that the energy charter treaty is an out-of-date agreement and undermines our efforts to tackle climate change.

    “We cannot allow fossil fuel companies to stop democratically elected governments from taking strong climate action.

    “Labour has long argued that the energy charter treaty is clearly outdated and not fit for purpose - it is good that the government have finally taken the step to leave it.”

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