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from a certain other Canada-focussed sub. this post caught my eye, and not in a good way.

the accusation that Trudeau is trying to create a “post nationalist” state with “no core values” sounds incredibly far-right populist to me, and the glib assertion that “most Canadians” are becoming immigration skeptics etc also sounds like a serious attempt at narrative control.

Dunno about everyone else, but to me, Canada’s multiculturalism and secularism ARE core national values. There is nothing post-national about being a nation with modern universalist, humanist values. There is something post-ethno-national about it, but I thought that was where human progress was heading – away from warring ethnonationalist microstates and empires, and towards a more relaxed, tolerant, multicultural inclusive society.

r-canada every time I visit it seems to be pushing more of a far right IDU/Putinist kind of politics, with anti-immigrant panic, anti-public-healthcare panic, the works. is it really representative of canadian reddit users or is it a trollfest or astroturf outlet?

there are some climate subs that likewise appear to be so incredibly denialist that they can hardly be for real – given the articles posted (rah rah carbon capture, carbon reduction is ‘too expensive,’ climate science is exaggerated) and the comments (even more extreme denialism) it seems like they should be called something else, iike r-climatedenial or something like that.

I know it’s not nearly as bad as the dumpster file formerly known as Twitter, or I wouldn’t still be here… but seriously how much of reddit is paid trolling, and how much is real people sincerely expressing their authentic opinions? it’s getting to the point where I only feel reasonably sure I’m talking to authentic people when on some of the more arcane gaming subs :-)