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For those who don’t Bladesworn I thought I’d link a short clip illustrating the problems with the gamewide delay that ANet added to Dragon Trigger 2 - Boost:

TL;DR :: It’s Actually a PvP “Buff” Just in the weirdest possible Game-Design Way.

Putting a .25 second “lag” delay on [Dragon Slash - Boost] (the 2) varies the same “explosion” animation between all 3 Dragon-Slashes, but with different actual slash timings. Meaning that, in addition to Boost no longer “feeling” good or even like the other two slashes to use + Eliminating it’s functionality as a mobility skill entirely, Your opponent can no longer counter-play the timing of the slash because they have no idea which slash is coming. (Which I can only assume was the intention of adding a 0.25s additional lag “delay” to this skill because all of the other Bladesworn changes were specific to PvP.)

Which leads me into the other, small, point I want to make here and that’s: The lack of communication around all of these changes is the biggest problem and feels awful. Whether you still attempt to use this statue in PvP or whether you use it to Cancel the Dragon Apocalypse in PvE, this change will affect you for a minimum of the next 3 moths. And none of these changes were in the preview or explained in the notes at all.

|Meaning that: |

a) They had the Bladesworn changes done, and intentionally left them out because they knew how negatively people would react. (I personally don’t believe this one.)


b) These were last-minute (or at the very least done in the 4-week-gap between the preview until now) to attempt to wrest some power budget away from Bladesworn in PvP. (This wasn’t the problem, Bladesworn’s sustain is at least in my experience + opinion. And these changes did nothing to address that. But that’s a different discussion.)

ANet look, I know there’s 36 variants in this game. I know this affects probably ~sub < 1/36 people out there. But it does affect those people. For the first time Bladesworn PvP jank is starting to affect PvE instead of the other way around. And an explanation of why would be nice.

I don’t want to go into the full thing again. Bladesworn has 6+ competing systems on it all pulling in different directions. But there were better ways to do this. If you’re interested in some rando, who’s played a ton of this class but is ultimately not a designer’s opinion go check out my compilation post here.

>> Instead of taking the “fun” off of Dragon Trigger Boost, why not tone down the damage and add some “fun” to Dragon Trigger 1 & 3? Maybe if we need to get fast changes through the 1 could inherit a 0.5s daze? (Reminiscent of the stun Removed from UD) and the 3 could have a slightly larger hitbox, do a bit more damage, or go further?

As it is this “buff” isn’t fun for anyone and just exacerbates the problem of one specific system or skill on Bladesworn being “readjusted” so that everything on it is even out of wack. I know that a full Rework is probably out of the question. But if you need Easy, Concrete, Constructive ways on how to Fix the class I provide them here.

| P.S. Also please add a buff icon for when [Heightened Focus] is ready on your buff bar. Or better yet, give it a better Trigger condition. It’s also currently impossible to use and counterplay for the same reasons. |

  • Hope this explanation helps and May the “Which F*cking Dragon Trigger Did He Just Use!?” odds be ever in your favor. - Cheers, o/