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I started playing Starcraft back in 98. One of my favorite games of all time. Brood Wars was a fucking masterpiece, and the online competitive scene was fucking brutal for *years*. Beyond that, I absolutely loved the worldbuilding and story; the writing was on a level Blizzard hasn’t been able to top since. WC3 was fun but frankly it was a disappointment after WC2. But I digress.

when Starcraft II first released, with only the Wings of Liberty campaign, and I started playing through said campaign, I noticed Jim Raynor was drinking a shitload of whiskey. So, I decided to match him drink for drink and I went through an *entire handle* of Jack by the time I finished the campaign, which took the better part of a weekend.

They made it too easy. I shouldn’t have been able to finish the last few missions while I was totally shithoused. Also, they should have let Fenix stay dead. He was a god damned legend