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ArenaNet has proved yet again that it is possible to create hard content without having to go the traditional route of new item levels, and I love it!

Watching the streamers try to get there first is extremely fun, and it brings me back to when Harvest Temple CM came and how long it took for groups to clear it.

Instead of being about who has been most lucky with their gear drops, it is 100% about skill and coordination. They have to try and fail at the mechanics and pressure through instead of doing splits to farm for better gear.

Yes, I know WoWs RTWF isn’t all about gear, but it plays such a huge role and GW2 doesn’t have that.

We can still get increasingly tougher fights without having to farm all over again. The devs get to test their encounter design creativity and we get to enjoy those new things.

I love this game 🙌❤️