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I’ll preface this post by saying that I really enjoy GW2 and am passionate about the game.

For me, I care about fun. How fun a weapon or ability is, how it feels, that’s what I care about. I’m not asking which weapon benches the most (although I love the SC team), I’m asking which are you happy with in terms of how fun it is and how it feels, and which aren’t you happy with.

Necro Swords is a clear #1 for me.

It’s almost like playing a new game with how good they feel, excellent animations and SFX, amazing.

Mesmer Rifle is niche but cool.

New GFX and SFX, right on point. I have enjoyed playing support Mesmer (all 3 specs) in new map PUGs and may even main it for group PvE.

Guardian Pistols are great.

New GFX, some SFX (why can’t every skill have new of both?).

Offhand could be better but that’s a balancing, not so much design thing.

Elementalist Pistol

No new SFX, barely any GFX, why? How does a new weapon which is a key feature of a paid expansion have the same SFX as a 10+ year old asset??? Why?

Given the very long dev cycle, I can only conclude little fucks were given.

I get that most of Anet is focused on their new game but fuck me, this is embarrassing. I feel embarrassed for them releasing something so lazy.

Engineer Short Bow is not great, but there’s been some work done. They tried something new and it didn’t really land. That’s fine, effort is appreciated.

Others I haven’t put proper time into yet, what does everyone else think?