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I just came across a post in the Facebook group for GW2, which just showed a screenshot of the Wizard’s Vault, and reminded players that they can exchange their AA into gold directly if they wanted to.

What was astounding, that there were a LOT of responses asking how? They had no idea how this system works. Some of those were part of this group for years, they are not just new players.

Which is… really incredible. This is one of the “main” brand new thing in the game, and people just don’t know how to use it. And I do not know whose fault is this?

Is it the UI? It is just not intuitive enough to drive people there, and to show them their options properly? Is it the players, they just don’t care enough to do “research” (meaning, do 2 more clicks and maybe scroll down) to know their options? Is it ANET for not communicating better with the playerbase?

I knew that a lot of players had no idea about the achievement panel, the breakbar, how damage and gear works in this game, but a system like the Wizard’s Vault which is front and center nowadays, it just blows my mind.